Welcome to Hoo-Hoo Club #48


Hoo-Hoo, as it is commonly known, has fun with unusual names and titles. Fortunately, what we are called is less important than what we are – an organization of individuals dedicated to the ideals of a united and progressive forest-based industry, contributing to the welfare of the community.

It is a fraternal order with an industry base. It was founded on the belief that personal contact is important in industry and in social relationships, to communicate better and to build trust between people in all parts of the industry.

The group seeks to instill a desire to make a sincere contribution to the industry and society through fraternal participation in its business, social and community programs. Members believe in the multiple use of forests in which there is a place for all, so that industry and the whole community can share in this great renewable resource today and for generations to come.

The Spirit of Hoo-Hoo

The spirit of Hoo-Hoo is expressed in the nine fundamental values that encourage members to be fraternal, helpful, grateful, friendly, tolerant, progressive, industrious, loyal, and ethical. Hoo-Hoo believes that these nine points are the building blocks of the “Golden Rule”. Hoo-Hoo members are expected to practice these principles in both their business and personal lives. 

Who is Hoo-Hoo?